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ResQ Bag – Wig and Extension Storage Bag

by: ResQ Bag

5.0 out of 5 stars

Price: $59.97

You have spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for your wigs. You are doing everything to care for them….cleaning it the way it should be. Now, where do you store your wigs? This is very important too.

Regardless of whether you have synthetic wigs or the more expensive human hair wigs, you need to store them carefully. This will ensure they remain fresher for a longer period of time. Find out how to care for your wigs and hair extensions here.

Before you store your wigs and hair extensions, you must  make sure they  are clean and dry. You will have to prepare them for storage by washing them and making sure that they are completely dry.

Any moisture in your wigs and hair extensions will cause molds to grow on them while they are stored. The molds will cause damage to them.

You can chose to keep the box that your wig or extensions came to you in and use them as storage. These boxes can sometimes be really beautiful and you might want to hold on to them….I know I do sometimes!

You can also buy wig storage racks for you wigs but that will still leave your hair extensions to contend with. You can also purchase extension storage bags but there is a simple and beautiful solution!

Wig and Extension Storage Bag

With all this in mind I want to introduce you to the ResQ  wig  and extension storage bag.

Wig and extension storage bag
Wig and Extension Storage Bag

 ResQ Bag

The name says it all. This is indeed a “rescue” bag! It is ideal bag to store and protect your wigs, hairpieces and extensions as well as  products you might use to care for them It can even store your make-up!

This makes it a very valuable product to take with you on trips also. You will have your wigs and extensions as well as the products to care for them along with your makeup in the same bag! Talk about being organized!

The ResQ wig and extension storage bag is perfectly designed  to maintain the quality and condition of your valuable wigs and extensions

This wig and extension storage bag comes with a free wig secret tips e-book with each order. You will be able to download this wig secret tips e-book and get additional information of how to care for your wigs and extensions etc.

The ResQ wig and extension storage bag is water resistant. This ensures that your wigs and extensions are safe within. It also reduces matting and frizz in  both human and synthetic hair.

It is safe to say that the ResQ bag is great to store and protect your wigs, hairpieces and extensions.

What customers have to say…..

This Bag is Amazing.

Don’t Know How I have gotten along without this bag. It’s Perfect. The quality is great. I love the material…my favorite color. It’s the perfect size storage for my wig so I never have to worry about my kids styling into my wig, which I have kept a secret for years.

It’ s made so well and it holds everything in one place. It’s the perfect bag. Thank you so much for inventing this bag. I just love it!!!

Love My New ResQ Bag

I just received my ResQ bag and it is perfect for travel and it also holds my phone and other items so I can just keep it in my handbag. I have looked all over for something to hold my wig and my accessories and is convenient to carry. Thanks for making my life that much simpler.

Get your ResQ bag today!

8 thoughts on “1 Great Wig and Extension Storage Bag

  1. Hi and thanks for this great article,
    I’m looking to buy a blonde medium length wig but am really just unsure where to start. I tried a few wigs about a year ago and they looked really fake so I’m a bit apprehensive about ordering online. Could you please point me in the right direction of where to start?

    1. Hi Marketa,

      Thank you for your comment. It is true, some wigs can look very unnatural so I prefer lace wigs myself. Most of the items that I promote can be had on Amazon because I sincerely believe that it does not have to cost a small fortune to be good. You could check the following link; If it is not what you are looking for just give me some more details and I will definitely narrow your search for you.

      Thanks again!

  2. Hi Claudia, this is great, I also put extensions on my hair from time to time and honestly I was not aware that I could use a bag to store them. I will certainly look into this. Thank you for the great information.

  3. Hey
    So my question is -what if I don’t have any hair?
    Do you supply some device or technique for applying the extensions?
    Scalp hair extensions?

    1. Great question Jim! This website is a work in progress. New products are added everyday. There is a hair bond that will do just that.

      Thanks for your honest feedback

  4. Hi Claudia, thanks alot for this information. I honestly didn’t know this bag existed. It is especially great for travelling because you cant carry around all your mannequins 😅. I will surely get myself one soon. Question is, how many wigs can you carry in one bag?

    1. Hey Janet, The ResQ Bag stores up to 3 wig according to my research. It also has 12 small storage compartments for other things you might want to use in your hair care or otherwise.


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