Number 1 Wicked Wide Tooth Comb

NAME: Remy Soft Wicked Wide Tooth Comb
BY: Remy Soft


PRICE: $12.99

What is a wide tooth comb?

A wide tooth comb is a comb that has larger than usual areas between the teeth. The teeth themselves are usually much bigger than those of a normal comb. This type of comb is usually used on hair that is thick and hard to detangle.

I remember as a child, there were always wide tooth combs in the house. That was hardly surprising since there were four girls in the house who needed weekly detangling!

Why do you need a wide tooth comb?

A wide tooth comb is appropriate for any hair type and the hair can be wet or dry. These combs are mostly made of wood or plastic with plastic being less costly.

They are good for moist or dry hair. Wide toothed combs that are made of wood  tend to be the better desire since they distributes oil more flippantly and does not contribute to static in the hair.

A wide tooth comb is especially good to use on your hair extensions and wigs. It is great for straight or curly hair. The larger than usual space between the teeth allows it to run effortlessly through the hair. Always remember to detangle from ends to roots.

A wide tooth comb will aid in the prevention of snags, breakage etc. and will also help to distribute moisture and oils throughout the hair. Read, Caring for your Indian Remy Hair Weaves and Wigs. 

You need the perfect wide tooth comb for your wigs or extensions and believe me there are many to choose from! If you are searching for wide tooth comb on the internet……specifically on Amazon, you will be bombarded with so many that I guarantee that you will be at your wit’s end to choose one.

The Remy Soft Wicked Wide Tooth Comb

To give a visual of the RemySoft Wicked-Wide Tooth Comb
RemySoft Wicked-Wide Tooth Comb

Well you are in for a treat as today I want to introduce you to a very special and effective comb that gets the job done. I make reference to the Remy Soft Wicked Wide Tooth Comb.

Your hairbrush does not have a flat handle, so why does your comb? This was same question that the hair tool gurus at RemySoft asked themselves! In the end, and after examining a wide array of combs, there was only one answer….. create a revolutionary comb that changes your detangling habits for the better!

With its one of a kind handle, this ergonomically correct wide tooth comb will become your must have first step in the battle against the NASTY SNARLS that are common with replacement and enhancement hair.

To show remysoft wicked wide tooth comb
RemySoft Wicked Wide Tooth Comb

The handle is rubber coated for added protection. It guards against the snags you would get while using cheap plastic comb.

The Wicked-Wide can be used on WET OR DRY hair. It is durable, easy to clean, and nearly indestructible, this comb will quickly become your new favorite go-to in your BATTLE AGAINST TANGLES.

To show that they care about the community, RemySoft is fully committed to the support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and their funding of breast cancer research.

When you purchase the Remy Soft Wicked Wide tooth comb, a portion of all of their website sales goes directly to the foundation to help fund their research.

If you wear hair extensions and wigs, you should definitely have a wide tooth comb in your collection. You are going to wonder how on earth you have managed without it all this time! It will certainly help in getting you hair extentions and wigs smooth and easier to deal with.

Go right ahead! Get your Remy Soft Wicked Wide tooth comb today and do your part in supporting the fight against breast cancer!

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