How to Make and Install a Body Wave Wig

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It is easy to admired persons who have a full and thick head of hair, but for many African American women, their natural hair  is not usually a good fit to create these weave hairstyles. Body wave human hair wigs help them solve this question. They can also have this hairstyle by using a body wave wig that is invisible and breathable like their own hair.

Today, we will share some hair knowledge about body wave wigs. In this post, you will find out

1.  What is a body wave wig?

2.  How to make a body wave wig?

3.  How to install body wave lace wig?

4.  How to wash a body wave wig?

5.  How long a body wave wig last?

What is a body wave wig?

A body wave wig means a wig’s style body wave. There are synthetic body wave wigs and human hair body wave wigs in the hair market. No doubt to say, body wave human hair wigs are better, and the price is higher. But human hair body wigs can last longer with proper care.

A body wave hair wig is completed by sewing hair weave, usually 3 or 4 body wave hair bundles with a lace closure or a lace frontal  making a full and thick human hair wig.

According to the hair length, you can decide how many hair bundles you will use. Such as, if you want the hair length less than 20 inches, you can choose 3 bundles. While if you want to have a long hair wig than 20 inches, 4 human hair bundles would be better since the longer the hair, the less there is.

Go for virgin hair which is tangle free, shedding free has no lice, no split ends and is healthy and glossy. Real human hair allows  customers to be able to dye this high quality virgin hair to any hair color they like, even change different hairstyles by iron.

According to the making processing, there are body wave lace front wigs and body wave full lace wigs. Body wave full lace wigs are more expensive than body wave lace frontal wigs because full lace wigs are completed by hand-tied totally. But lace front wigs only the lace frontal was sewed by hand.

The third one is a body wave lace wig which is the cheapest. That is the wig completed by machine with hair weft cost a short time.

How to make a body wave wig step by step

Preparation –

You will need:

3 or 4 body wave hair bundles (depending on the length)

A body wave lace frontal or a lace closure



Threads and


Stand foam


Wig cap

Steps for sewing a wig

1. Put the wig cap on the stand foam. Mark hairline by the marker. Please make sure the hairline at the same level. If you want the hair is thin, you can leave the distance larger between two hairlines. If you like full and thick hair wig, you can leave a smaller distance.

2. Pin the lace frontal on the forehead. Fix the ear to ear frontal in the right position. Sewing it by a needle with thread

.3. Sewing the hair weft along with the hairline backside. Repeat this step till finished all the hairline.

4. Comb the body wave wig with a wide-tooth comb. You can curl it if the curls loose.

5. Trim several strands of hair as baby hair. See, it is not complex to make a body wave wig, customers can do hairstyle by themselves. If you are not sure to make a beautiful wig, you are a green hand, please go to the hair salon to do it.

How to install a body wave wig

1. Brush your own hair, braid it as flat as possible like cornrows. If your hair is long, it is complex to handle it. One thing should be paid attention to. The hair should be braid tightly. Or the wig is easy to slide off your head. If your hair is short, it is easy to handle, braid it as a cornrow.

2. Wear a wig cap or delete this step. The wig cap can protect your own hair to avoid damage. Spray got2b on the wig cap to fix it stable.

3. Put the body wave wig on your head, adjust it to the proper position. Then clip it to make the wig stable.

4. Cut the edge of extra lace, apply some glue to adhesive the lace. It can make the wig stable avoid slide off. Meanwhile, using some cosmetics to let the lace color similar to your skin.

5. Make a parting you like, side-way or middle part. If your wig is 360 lace frontal body wave wig, you can make more choice, such as a bun, half up half down, and high ponytail.

6. Trim and style your body wave wig. After you finish the install, it does not totally satisfy you. You can trim it to the hairstyle you like.

How to wash a body wave wig

1. Prepare some warm water, basin, hair shampoo, a towel, and a hair conditioner.

2. Put some hair shampoo into the water you prepare in the basin, mix together. Soak your body wave wig into it. Waiting for 15-20 minutes.

3. Grasp the hair with your fingers, please don’t twist it, or it will ruin the hair cuticles. It causes the hair matte, split, and mess.

4. Fresh it by clean water. Wash the shampoo till the hair wig is clean, then put some hair conditioner into the freshwater, mix it. Put the body wave wig into it, immerse 3-5 minutes.

5. Clean it with fresh water. Make sure to clean the hair conditioner totally.

6. Absorb the extra water in the hair by a towel you prepare. Please don’t twist it, deal with it gently.

7. Dry it in the air on the stand foam. The hair is real hair with hair cuticles, you had better not use the blow-drier. If you need to use the blow drier, please make sure to set a low temperature. Or the hair will be burnt.

8. Comb it and spray some olive oil to keep the hair a good shape, shiny, and glossy.

How long a body wave wig last?

It depends on how you use your body wave wig. With proper care, body wave human hair wigs can last 1-2 years. The proper care means to keep it in the right environment, wash as the way above, dry it in the natural air, and perm or dye it in the right way.

Anyway, you should be careful about your wig. For example, if you use the wrong dying products, it will ruin the hair immediately. So before you want to dye your hair, please pick some hair to test, if the hair color is what you want, you can use it on the whole hair wig.

How can we recover the wave on body wave wig?

After washing, you will find the wave on the wig become loose, or disappear. How to let the wave recover is a concern of the people who use it. When the hair is wet, you can curl it with your finger, this way is the natural way to make body wave, it won’t destroy the hair.

You can also use the curling iron to make the wave. Please make sure to set a proper temperature. Until next time, do enjoy your body wave wig or weave.

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