Purchasing My First Website

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In Lesson 1 of Level 2, we are introduced to purchasing our own websites. This is a big step for me for two reasons especially. 1). I am still not sure if I will be able to be successful in an online business and 2). Can I really spare the $13.99? Yes it is a measly sum but when you are working with limited cash, every cent counts. My first child, my son started his secondary education a few weeks ago and well…..he needs lunch money right? My daughter is still going to primary school and the cost of the website could send them both to school for three days!

So here I am laying on my stomach making up my mind to buy a website and I am literally trembling from the excitement of ownership to the knowledge that, “lady you’ve just gone and hit your head and is now stark mad!” Something deep inside tells me that my decision to join WA is nothing short of divine intervention (for those who believe in God). We need a house of our own, I need to give my children the stability they deserve, I need to be debt free and be able to help them to be their best selves and for heaven’s sake, I am getting old! I need to set money aside for retirement!

Recently I have had the thought that when you have reached rock bottom…..there is nowhere else to go but up (on second thought….. I must have heard that somewhere!) a most profound statement. I am determined that becoming a part of WA will help pull me up. I am determined to make this online business work. Human Hair and Wigs is a concept that will become a viable business with the help of the amazing community that exists at WA. Another goal I have is to help as many people here as I can to also realize their dreams…. The fact is, hair and wigs are my passions and what best to use as a business idea than a passion? At least I will be involved in something I like and honestly helping people is also a passion of mine. I advise family and friends on hair and wig purchases and have on numerous occasions made the purchases for them.

So, I have now convinced myself to continue with the purchasing of a website. It is very necessary and the next time you see me I will be sporting a brand new website that is all mine! 🙂

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