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Affiliate marketers get paid for endorsing products and brands on the internet. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires affiliate marketers to disclose that they are getting paid to promote the product. This is to keep transparency and honesty in advertising, and to keep consumers informed.

My Affiliate progamme is the driving force behind this website…..I am grateful to them for coming on board with me. Thank you for sponsoring  by My Affiliates page.

Visitors, you can click on each affiliate to learn about their product  and services offering. Every time you use one of My Affiliates link for your shopping needs, the Affiliate gives me a small percentage of your purchase to thank me for bringing their products and services to you.

Please be assured, that when you use the links on these pages to shop, you will get your product and services at the same price you would if you had gone on the affiliates’s sites. I want to thank you for your support!

Have fun shopping!