Human, Remy and Virgin Hair -the guide

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The hair extension business has taken the world by storm! It is a very lucrative trade and more and more people are getting into the hair business. Almost everyone and their mother are wearing weaves these days due to their versatility and longevity…..You can be a blond today, a redhead tomorrow and a brunette the other day, long medium length or short…..all this without damaging your real hair!

The powers that be in the hair industry understands the prominence that hair extensions have taken even among the rich and the famous, movie stars and all and sometimes exploit the buyer by presenting products that are not what they seem.

Let us talk about hair

There are basically four types of hair as listed below:

  • Synthetic hair
  • Human hair
  • Remy hair
  • Virgin hair

Each type serves its purpose but one cannot be adequately substituted for another and the same results are obtained. We will now examine each type singly.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is simply man made hair. It is made from a number of man-made fibers including acrylic. Synthetic hair has the look and feel of real human hair. This hair is low cost, low maintenance and offers various options in terms of curl patterns, lengths and styles. Most synthetic hair cannot be heat treated – using curling irons etc. Because they will burn and or lose their original curl pattern. Some can be straightened or curled depending on the fiber from which they were made. Synthetic hair is usually shinier than human hair. Just remember that some manufacturers of synthetic hair advertise them as being compatible with 100% human hair. Do not be fooled… did not say that they were human hair!

Hair Cuticle

Before we discuss the three types of human hair, let us talk a bit about hair cuticle. Cuticle is the outer part of a strand of hair. It covers the cortex inside. It is formed from dead cells, overlapping in layers, which form scales that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. On your head the cuticle of all your hair flows in the same direction – from roots to end.

Human hair

Human hair was at some point on the head of a person. How it was collected is an entirely different story. It comes from hair brushes, the floors of salons or even peoples’ head, however, no care was taken to ensure that the cuticle all run in the same direction which will ensure that the hair doesn’t mat and remains soft and manageable. To make sure the buyer is unaware of this little detail., human hair is washes in silicone which coats the strands making them appear soft. Unfortunately, after a few washes you will realize the sad truth…you were duped!

Remy Hair

If you purchase Remy hair, you are purchasing quality hair. This hair was taken from someone’s head and the cuticles have been rearranged so that they all run in the same direction so the hair is soft. The donor of Remy hair might have dyed, processed or bleached the hair before it was donated. Remy hair is very popular and can be costly but it is worth the expense seeing that you will get your money’s worth… usually lasts for over a year!


Everyone would love to get virgin hair but not all of us can afford it. Simply because it is the most expensive of hairs. Virgin hair was taken from one donor therefore, all the cuticles run in the same direction. This hair was never processed in any way and that is how it is even better than Remy hair. I still have virgin hair that I have bought over two years ago! Although it is more expensive…the value for money is astronomical.

In conclusion, when purchasing hair for the first time you can be guided by this article so that you make the best hair decision.

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  1. So happy to have found such a wealth of information to help make a good and affordable choice – comparing time v’s money – very grateful for the knowledge you have shared with us all – 🙂

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