#1 Best Style for Short Bob Wigs?

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Short bob wigs have been popular for a long time, and it is also welcomed by most women until now. There are many superstars that have tried short bob wigs style, like blunt cut, wavy bob, pixies, etc. For pixies and very short bob wigs often need a little bit of oomph to make the style modern and less “helmet hair”.

The reason wigs (particularly short ones) have these challenges is the hair is tied to a wig cap -and it’s not very long in a pixie or short bob style. Plus, you have foundational elements of a wig cap like lace fronts, ear tabs, clips, silicone grippers, and even combs.

All of these create a structure under the cap and the hair can’t move as freely as if it were growing from your scalp. Even natural pixies don’t move that much where the hair is very short.

There are some great ways to use the product to style short bob lace wig or short bob wig with bangs, so it doesn’t have that helmet head look. The ways also used for the short wigs for black women.

First, your short bob wigs or pixie wigs (as with many wigs) may need washing weekly if you wear it daily without a cap under it. The oils from your scalp do get to your wig, but they don’t travel down the hair strand, so ironically, the hair on your wig can get very dry.

So, washing, conditioning, and taking care of your curly, short  bob wigs or short straight bob wigs is really essential. Don’t want to manage this or need a gloss conditioning of your wig? Your wig salon and wig stylist can take your short bob wigs and make them like new)

How to make short bob wigs look natural?

Styling tips for short hair wigs or pixie:
1. Pixies look great with some choppiness and piece-y-ness to the wig. If you have a synthetic wig, such as a Jon Renau, try their spray gel for synthetic hair. They also have a styling crème that works to create pieced sections. 100% aloe vera gel also works great for synthetic wigs.

2. Go on Pinterest and search “long pixie cut” or “short bob hairstyles” and pin a few things you like. Longer bob or pixie styles are ideal for wig wearers because there’s more hair there to move. If you’ve never had this much hair yourself, embrace the change!

3. If you have a human hair wig, you can also use regular styling things like “bedhead” creams or gels – even good old aloe-vera gel (100% gel) works fine.

4. Smooth some of the crème or gel on your hands and particularly fingers, and pull out pieces of your pixie or bob from back to front. You’re looking to create some dimension so the hair isn’t all one smooth cap, but has some pieces pulling out from the base of the wig.

Continue pulling out pieces and smoothing your fingers down them (the spray gel, crème, or “bedhead” cream will help hold these in place.) Smooth down the temple sections so the pixie lies smoothy across the ear tabs. Work in just enough product so that your pixie holds but doesn’t get too stiff. Don’t use spray on top of this -you’ll have better movement of the hair.

5. When your wig gets too “stiff” to move -it’s time to wash (or every 7-10 wearings, if you wear it all day long.) If you don’t want to wash your own wigs, your wig salon and stylist will wash and style them for you about every 10 – 15 wearings depending on season and content of the hair fiber.

Other short bob wigs can also benefit from this method, particularly creating volume at the back crown moving forward, and piecing a few spots along the sides of the head toward the front.
Your pixie or bob will be a fun, and cooler addition to your summer alternative wearable hair wardrobe. If you’re already used to short hair, you know how fun it is to wear and style. Short hair emboldens a woman.

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