How to Color Human Hair Wigs by Yourself?

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Do you need a fun wig to rock out in? Colored wigs are the ultimate way to spice up your look and have fun with the trend. Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to all the Kardashians are all experimenting with fun colors in their hair.
Tired of wasting time and money on professional hair coloring? Coloring your wig at home is easy with our tips. This blog will show everything about how to dye your human hair wig by yourself. Follow these steps and you can learn how to pull off a professional-looking DIY dye job. 
What you will need.
How to color wig step by step?
Faq about dying wig.
What you will need.
Dye brush
Wide-tooth comb
A glass bowl for mixing
Wig head

How to color wig step by step?
Below are the basic tips about how to color a Human Hair Wig. 
Step 1-Before dyeing your lace Wig, you should wash it to remove any product buildup or oils or dirt. Allow the wig to air-dry while blow-dry may cause a fizzy and tangle problem.
Step 2-Then, Separate the Human Hair into several sections with a wide-tooth comb. Comb the Human Hair Wig gently to get away the tangles working from the end and upwards to the roots one step by step.
Step 3-Next, Mix the color mixture in a plastic bowl or add system contents to the bottle provided. The process is not complex: Just follow the directions of the dyeing products. Usually, you must combine a colorant to a color developer and an after-color conditioner for the Human Hair Wig will also be needed.
Step 4-Mix the content thoroughly. Then put on the gloves which can protect you from the dyeing when you dye the Human Hair Wig. Open a window for ventilation before you start.

Settle the Human Hair Wig on a mannequin head. Pull down the Human Hair Wig to secure it to the mannequin head.
Step 5-Start to add color at the top of the wig. Apply from the top and move around the crown of the Human Hair Wig. Once the crown is covered, move down each section, working your way to the ends of the Human Hair. Then move to the next section.
Step 6-Allow the dye to sit for no more than 25 minutes. Human Hair is subject to breakage, drying, and the loss of sheen. Avoid over-processing the Human Hair Wig when you dye the Human Hair Wig.
Step 7-Apply the light conditioner to the hair for 3 minutes. Allow the Human Hair Wig air dry and then style the Human Hair Wig as you would like. 
If you are interested, here is a video of how to dye human hair wig(Black to Ash Blonde Brown), SlayedBy Jordan shows you step by step how to color a human hair wig. You can use the technique she shows to dye the wig and knows the regular routine about taking care of your wig. Enjoy the videos you love. 

FAQ about Dying Wig
Can I Color a Human Hair Wig?
Yes, you can dye your human hair wigs. You will do something with wigs human hair that you simply can do to your natural hair. This includes coloring, cutting, heat styling, and chemicals process your human hair. several weave wearers dye wigs to induce an explicit match to their color. 
Is it safe to color your wig at home?
Yes, it is generally safe to color your hair at home as long as you follow the directions on the product’s packaging. Dyeing a human hair wig can be trickier than it seems. It is very easy and convenient for us if you follow the right way to do. It’s not only about how to dye a wig but the after-dyeing process is … Furthermore, coloring your wig at home can save money and time. 
How to Choose The Correct Hair Color?
Dark-skinned users with dark skin, it is best not to select a black color. Instead, select a maroon color so your face will look a lot of white. You can dye all the long hair maroon so that your skin color will look bright and translucent immediately. For users with the dark complexion, the most appropriate hair color is maroon, and low-key, inconspicuous maroon can simply conceal the dark complexion. Meanwhile, you should pick a Color to Show Off Your Personality.
Should I wash my wig before dying it?
If the wig is smeared, you need to wash the wig several days before coloring it to remove any modeling products buildup. Do not hold too much force when shampooing, and Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the wig before coloring. Allow it to dry completely before coloring.

How long does it take to dye a wig?
This should be somewhere that is not easily seen. Wait thirty or forty minutes. If you like the color, apply it to the rest of the wig. If you don’t like the color, try a different shade of hair dye.
How many times can you dye a wig?
In short, you can certainly dye your human hair wigs more than once or even three times if you wish, but it’s difficult to do so without damaging your wig.
Can you dye a wig twice?
Experts advise that you don’t attempt to dye non-Remy hair weaves. These hair extensions have been chemically treated, stripping the strand to its weakest. They are generally not strong enough to be dyed. It may take multiple applications to lighten your hair extensions. 
Now that you know the basics of dying, it will be easy for you to start dying. All the measures and precautions that you need to take are mentioned above. This will help you to dye your wigs properly. 
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