Hair Works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy

Hair Works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy

Hello! I would like to ask you a question! “Where do you store your hair extensions?

Well let’s see! I store mines in plastic shopping bags in what everyone in my household knows is my unofficial hair drawer! I also have some in plastic bags in the bottom of my refrigerator because I once heard that will keep them nicely moisturized! Of course you can find products in my reviews which will keep your extensions moisturized!

I guess we all have our places but today I want to tell you of a great hair extension holder that I found on Amazon. Let me introduce you to the Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy and guess what? It is an Amazon Choice tool! This tool will work perfectly with: Wig Storage Bag Holder Case, Wigs Pouch Dust-Proof Organizer Protect for Professional Hair Extensions, Pack of 10 (Black)

Product: Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy  

Website:  Amazon

By: Hair Works

Price: $26.99

Rating:  4.5/5

The hair works 4-in-1 hair extension style caddy is basically the original hair extension holder. It is designed to securely hold your extensions while you wash, style, pack and store them.

This tool is Rated the #1 hair extension holder for styling extensions

Hair works is the original patented hair extension caddy. The quality construction secures your hair extensions while you wash, style, pack and store them

Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy holds most types of hair extensions including clip-in, weft and tape-in  but unfortunately will not hold halo extensions

The features of the Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy  include attachable hooks that fit on any hanger so you can store your extensions in your closet and a velvet travel bag that keeps your extensions neat and organized while traveling

The  Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy lightweight, durable and waterproof with a suction cup back that makes it easy to use almost anywhere.

What customers are saying!

  1. Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2018

Verified Purchase

excellent purchase, happy to share this product with you for girls who use extensions and we managed to wash and dry them, this product is the most, very practical and easy to make life easier at home with our extensions.

  1. Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2019

Verified Purchase

This works great! I use it on my glass shower door to wash, dry and style my clip in extensions. I also use it for travel. I put my hair in, magnet it shut, wrap my hair around the holder and place inside the bag. The only complaint is that I wish the place you put hair into was deeper. I can fit all 7 clips in at once, but it’s pretty tight and wish I had more room so they wouldn’t fall off without the magnetic clip down. Love this though, and would recommend!

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4 thoughts on “Hair Works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy”

  1. Jim says:

    This is all new to / for me.
    Do you offer any kind of intel. outside of this website?
    Perhaps an e-book?
    Maybe send me a free e-book in exchange for my e-mail address?

    1. Claudia A. says:

      Hey Jim!

      That is a great idea! Ebook is coming soon!


  2. Janet says:

    Hi Claudia, I had never heard of this holder before. I also store my extensions in bags and honestly never thought about a better way to store them. I have a question though. Do I need a holder for every extension set I have? Because I have quite a number of weaves. I will be happy to read your response.

    1. Claudia A. says:

      Hello Janet! Thanks for the comment. The Hair Works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy is used to hold extensions while you wash or style them. I am assuming that it holds one set at a time while you care for them.


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