FAQ About Lace Frontals

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A lace frontal is a necessary part of sewing a hair wig. It makes your hair wig more natural, comfortable, and breathable. Today, let us introduce some hair knowledge about lace frontal closure.Content:What is a lace frontalHow to sew in a lace frontalHow much do lace frontals costHow many hair products made by lace frontalHow long does a lace frontal lastWhat’s the lace color about the lace frontalWhich one is better, lace frontal or lace closureCan I swim with the lace frontalAre frontals bad for your hairCan I reuse a lace frontalWhat is a lace frontalA lace frontal is an ear to ear frontal closure which covers most part of the hair wig. Normally, you can see the 13×4 inches lace frontal, 13×6 inches lace frontal, and 360 lace frontal. These are defined by the length of the frontal.Except for the lace frontal, if you want to sew in a wig, you still need 3 or 4 hair bundles. A frontal closure can be used to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. For the women who have traction alopecia or thinning edges, it can help them avoid damage.How to sew in a lace frontalSewing in a lace frontal is not complex, let us check the steps how to do a lace frontal sew inFirst, apply some 30-sec liquid hair protectant around your hair edges to protect from lace glue.Second, place a nude cap for the bald cap method.Third, pin the lace on the wig cap, sewing it by a needle to make the lace frontal fix on the wig cap stable. Measure the frontal to fit your headForth, apply 2-3 thin layers of bold hold lace glue.Here is Julia hair customer who slay a nice lace frontal, let us see how did she do:How much do lace frontals costLace frontals sewed by hand-tied with hair strands. The hair on the frontal is 100 human hair, virgin hair without any processing and chemical. The master who sewing a frontal need high skills, it costs a long time to complete. So the cost is high from 60$ to 200$, the longer the hair is the higher price of the frontal.How many hair products made by lace frontalSingle lace frontal, lace frontal wigs, 360 lace frontal, and 360 lace frontal wigs. All these hair wigs are made by lace frontal, but the different size of the frontals.If you want to make a hair wig by yourself, you can buy a lace frontal with some hair bundles to make a wig. If you want to save time, you can purchase a lace frontal wig directly, you can part the wig any way you like on the frontal. If you want a simple and light wig, you can choose 360 lace frontal and make a bun, this hairstyle is very suitable for the summer hot weather. A 360 lace frontal wig needs to sew by a 360 lace frontal and 1 or 2 hair bundles. 360 lace frontal covers all the edge of the hairline. It is very natural with many hairstyles, such as bun, half-up half-down, and high ponytail.Clike And Shop NowHow long does a lace frontal lastInstall a lace frontal wig need to use hair glue or lace tape to adhesive it. It can last 2-4 weeks without retouching. But the lace frontal can be co-washed, you can use about 6-9 months with proper care. When you make the bleach or dying, please make sure you don’t hurt the lace and the knots on the hair, or the hair will be shedding because of the break of hair knots.The longer the lace frontal stays on your head, it will cause irritation on your skin and severely damage your hairline or break off your edges. Bald and thinning hair edges can be slightly embarrassing, especially for women. Lace frontal cover your hairline seamlessly with your scalp, you can be parted like your own natural hair.Clike And Shop NowWhat’s the lace color about the lace frontalIn the hair market, there are different lace color hair products. The most common lace color is medium brown lace and transparent lace. The difference between the lace color made the frontal has different names. That is medium brown lace frontal or transparent lace frontal. The transparent lace frontal is invisible and undetectable suitable for any skin. But the medium brown frontal used for a long time in the market, customers can use some cosmetics to make the lace similar to their skin, very natural and seamlessly.Clike And Shop NowWhich one is better, lace frontal or lace closureFor hair users, we can’t say which one is better. The one suitable is better for you. The lace frontal is expensive than the lace closure. the size of the lace frontal is bigger than the lace closure. According to your economic status and your requirements, you can choose the one fit for you.While a silk base closure tends to mimic a scalp more accurately when viewed up close, lace based closure and frontal are preferred as the material lays much flatter against and blends better with the scalp. This allows customers who use the lace frontal to complete a natural and accurate replica of their own scalp.Can I swim with the lace frontalThe lace frontal adhesive on your forehead by glue or other tapes. The glue or tape isn’t waterproof, so please don’t stay in the water for a long time. Or you can use a swim cap to cover the hair to protect it. It is not a big problem to swim with lace frontal.Clike And Shop NowAre frontals bad for your hairLace frontals give protection to your hair and edges from damage when you installed and cared for properly. Hairstyling and manipulation in daily will cause damage to your hair, split ends, or breakage. The frontals can help you avoid breakage and thinning around your hairline. The frontal won’t damage your hair basically when you apply the frontal wig or remove it, the action will hurt your skin or your hair. So you need to pay more attention to the installation and removal procedure, your hairline won’t be damaged in the proper way.Can I reuse a lace frontalOf course, you can. Lace frontal made by hand-tied with real hair. The quality is good, you can reuse the lace frontal with the right way to wash and maintain.Clike And Shop NowKnowing about the hair knowledge about the lace frontal can help us use it in a good way, so the lace frontal can be reused and co-wash with a glossy and shiny hairstyle. Julia hair provides the best lace frontal, lace frontal match with hair bundles, there would be one suitable for you.Wedding season sale can give you the biggest promotion, use the less money, choose good hair products, Julia hair as a top 10 hair vendors will give you the high-quality hair products with competitive price, fast shipping, and amazing customer service.Don’t hesitate, buy now!

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