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Making a Wig

How to Make and Install a Body Wave Wig

It is easy to admired persons who have a full and thick head of hair, but for many African American women, their natural hair  is not usually a good fit to create these weave hairstyles. Body wave human hair wigs help them solve this question. They can also have this hairstyle by using a body wave wig that is invisible and breathable like their own hair. Today, we will share some hair knowledge about body wave wigs. In this post, you will find out 1.  What is a body wave wig? 2.  How to make a body wave wig? 3.  How to install body

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Blow dry your hair at home

How to Blow Dry Your Hair at Home

Wishing your hair could look like you have been to the saloon when you blow dry it at home?  Now you don't have to wish. In this article we will tell you how to blow dry your hair at home so it looks like you have been to the saloon. We have all been to the saloon at some point for a blow dry. The bounce volume and shine that you get when you blow dry at a saloon is amazing. It makes us feel extra beautiful.  Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get the same amazing saloon

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Pros and Cons of a Transparent Lace Front Wig

Due to the easy use and numerous benefits, transparent lace front wig becomes one of the most attractive and bestseller products in UNice hair store. It is a fantastic solution for people who suffer from balding, hair thinning. With a human hair transparent lace frontal wig, you can be more confident and comfortable. Today you can rock any style of your choice and thanks to the manufactures of transparent lace frontal human hair wigs. They are coming up with all the unique styles every so often. If you intend to get a good transparent lace frontal wig, you have come to the right place,

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transparent lace wigs

1 Perfect Transparent Lace Wigs

Transparent lace Wigs are becoming more and more common these days. Why are transparent lace front wigs for women so popular?  Today, we want to share with you this Undetectable Transparent Lace Wig.“What Is A Transparent Lace Front Wig?”The answer will be revealed in the following post. What you will learn from this article: 1. What is a transparent lace wig?2. What are the benefits of using transparent lace wigs?3. What is the difference between a transparent lace wig and normal lace wig?4.Transparent lace and normal lace wig, how to choose?5. Where to buy the best transparent lace wig? What is a transparent lace wig? A transparent lace wig

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Transparent Lace wig

Making a wig look natural

People wear wigs for many different reasons, wigs are easy to find in a variety of textures,  colors, and styles, but it is difficult to make your wigs look natural. If you're a beginner or haven't worn a wig before and are worried about your wig looking unnatural, you're on the right page. To help you, we've put together some useful tips on how to make a wig look natural in this post, including tips on how to make wigs that look real! How to Make a Wig Look Natural? 1. Choosing the right wig textures suitable for your face shape Selecting a wig

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Hair Loss Black Book

1 Great Hair Loss Black Book

Today I want to introduce you to the Hair Loss Black Book! We wear hair extensions, weaves and wigs as protective styles, as a way to cover up hair loss or just for the versatility that they offer. With the proper care, your natural hair can actually thrive under your protective styles but suppose for an instance you are experiencing the unthinkable......hair loss! Hair loss is more common than you can ever imagine and it affects both males and females. It can lead to depression, self-esteem issues and even mental problems. So, what is hair loss and how

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#1 Best Style for Short Bob Wigs?

Short bob wigs have been popular for a long time, and it is also welcomed by most women until now. There are many superstars that have tried short bob wigs style, like blunt cut, wavy bob, pixies, etc. For pixies and very short bob wigs often need a little bit of oomph to make the style modern and less "helmet hair". The reason wigs (particularly short ones) have these challenges is the hair is tied to a wig cap -and it's not very long in a pixie or short bob style. Plus, you have foundational elements of a wig cap like

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Bob Wigs

7 Best Human Hair Bob Wigs

The best human hair bob wigs for black woman can be found in online shops. With the rapid development of the e-commerce era, more and more manufacturers from different countries are putting their products online and sell them around the world, of course, wigs are no exception. Consumers can compare and choose the best selling bob human hair wigs from thousands of suppliers. So, in this post, we will share with you where you can get the top-selling bob style wigs and which is the best bob style wigs and some other questions you will face when you want to try

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What You Need to Know About Bob Wigs

There are all sorts of bob wigs styles for every woman and all that’s needed is to choose the most suitable one. Finding it difficult to make a choice? Not to worry, Human hair bob wigs today come in different styles, length, and colors making it easy for everyone to make a choice. For every face shape, there is a bob wig hairstyle that is a perfect fit. In this article, we have researched and compiled some of the different bob wig hairstyles, the face shapes to which they fit perfectly, how to take care of your bob wigs, and more.  Types

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Fake scalp wig

The Fake Scalp Wig

Wigs are becoming more and more common and almost everyone is able to afford one. Wigs today are just as important as clothes, shoes and accessories. As a matter of fact a good wig can pop any outfit and make the wearer looks amazing! Because of this, the wig industry is growing day by day. So, there are more and more new products that are increasing customers’ satisfaction. The fake scalp wig is one of them. In this post, we will introduce you to the new fake scalp wig and why it is a superb upgrade. You will learn: 1.  What is

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