5 Best Hair Toppers for Women

Presently, hair toppers are the best kept secret. It was not long ago that I learnt of them. Still, not much is known of them but they serve an extremely useful purpose. They are becoming very popular and we can see why! Toppers are lightweight, easy to install and are designed to add volume to the top sides or back of your head. All you have to do is clip them onto your hair. They come in different lengths, styles, thickness and of course colours. This makes them extremely versatile! Like wigs or other extensions, they can be made of synthetic fibers or of human hair or human hair mix.

What are they for?

Toppers are for women with thinning hair. They are a heaven sent! Toppers cover your thinning hair or bald spots. It adds volume to thin hair and if you have flat hair and want to add volume to the top, them toppers are a choice for you too. Toppers are the perfect solution to hair loss or thinning hair.

Toppers are different from wigs

A wig is an artificial covering for the entire head. It can be made of synthetic or human hair. When you wear a wig, your hair is completely covered under it so all you will see is the hair on the wig. Toppers are different. They provide coverage to only a section of your hair, most often the crown or front while the rest of your hair is completely visible. When chosen correctly, toppers blend perfectly with your natural hair. They can also be worn as highlights to your natural hair. Due to their lightweight they are toppers are comfortable and even easier to wear than wigs.

Below you will find 5 excellent Toppers for your convenience.

SEGO 100% Density Top Hair Pieces Silk Base Crown Topper


4.3 out of 5 stars

65 ratings

18 answered questions

Price: $63.90

Top of Form

Size: 14 Inch

Colour: Light Brown

Topper - silk based
Topper – silk based
  • 100% real remy human hair hand tied topper: Can be washed, curled or dyed like your own hair. Shedding and tangle free. Please beware that hair toppers are not like wigs (only for covering thin hair on top).Product may get flattened after packaging and delivery. If it does, gently blow with hair dryer and comb with your finger to regain a fluffy look.
  • Silk base coverage top hairpiece: Topper with silk base has the most natural appearance compared to other like products. It can barely be differentiated from real human scalp even through close observation. No one can find your secret. Base size: 6 cm x 9 cm(2.4”x3.5” approximately).
  • 100% density: Compared to 130% density of our own hair, this thin type topper is designed for adding slight volume on top or partial coverage for thinning or silver hair(Higher density may not look so natural on the top that already has some hair). Mainly covers the top and side, less focus on back. NOT SUITABLE for someone who needs a thick cover.
  • Easy to wear: The clips for security will only take few seconds, them style and blend your hair as desired.
  • Human hair product may retain a bit of chemical smell after processing. If it does, soak it with fragrant conditioner for a while and the odour will disappear.

100% Remy Human Hair Silk Base Top Hairpiece For Women

by Rich Choices

4.5 out of 5 stars

30 ratings

13 answered questions

Price: $47.90

Size: 14 Inch

Colour: Light Brown

<<<<<<Best Value!!!>>>>>>>
  • 100% Remy Human Hair, you can comb, wash, straighten, perm, dye or curl just like your own hair.No tangle or shedding. But please remember frequent styling may cause dry or split ends. Use mild hair conditioner can prolong the usage of extensions.
  • Silk Base Topper: The base makes from silk just like our own scalp, it is very natural and no one will find your secret. Please take it easy to wear it. Base size: 6 cm x 9 cm(2.4”x3.5” approximately).
  • The Clip in Hair Topper has two non-slip clips, which can make wearing it safe and comfortable no matter what the occasions. Just take a few seconds to wear and it will blend with your own hair perfectly. But it’s not very suitable for people who want to make a thick cover.
  • The Topper is suitable for women with thinning hair, grey hair, white hair or poor hair quality on top of head, can be middle or side part and even give you perfect hairline. If you have very little hair on the top, our clips may not stay in well.

S-noilite 16″ Silk Base Real Human Hair Topper for Women

by S-noilite

4.3 out of 5 stars

29 ratings

16 answered questions

Price: $58.90

Size: 16 Inch

  • Premium quality Topper Wiglet with silk base, looks like real human scalp and which totally fits your hair skin, breathable, comfortable, softness, invisible and realistic
  • 100% Remy human hair Top Replacement, hand crafted in silk base. It blends with your hair naturally and cannot be found easily.
  • Perfect choice to provide coverage for slight hair loss, thinning hair, new grey hair in topper. What’s more, it is an instant aid for bad haircut in top.
  • It can be washed, curled, straightened, dyed and bleached. Light colour can be dyed to darker colours
  • Easy to wear and remove with two clips for security. Stays firmly in place all day long.

Clip in Hair Topper Real Human Hair Crown Topper Silk Base

by Hairro

5.0 out of 5 stars

4 ratings

Price: $47.90

Size: 6 Inch (15g)

Colour: silk base #06 Light Brown

  • 100% real human hair clip in top hairpiece, touch soft, silky, smooth, tangling free and shedding free.
  • Handmade silk base, looks like real human scalp. Natural looking, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable
  • Clip in design, with two anti-slip stainless clips, take only few minutes to wear and take off, easy and convenient. Naturally blend in with your own hair, don’t need any heat or glue, totally no damage to your own hair and scalp, firmly stay for all day wear. There are 10 colours options to choose from.
  • A good solution to help you add volume on crown. No need to feel embarrass of thin hair, grey hair, hair loss, high hairline on top of head. This topper makes the top, middle of your hair looks dense and gives you an energetic look and get back your confidence.
  • Hairro is a professional brand focusing on real human hair extensions. Having their own factory. All their products are well-designed with high quality

Yudit Long Curly Wavy Remy Human Hair Topper

By: Yudit

5.0 out of 5 stars

2 ratings

6 answered questions

Price: $99.99

Size: Natural Part

Style: Flat Bangs

Colour: Dark brown

  • 100% REMY HUMAN HAIR: Soft, bouncy. Can be cut, washed and dyed like your own hair. Hair length: 14inch/35cm.
  • HAIR TEXTURE – Wavy/curly.
  • WITH 4 ANTI-SLIP CLIPS: providing secure yet comfortable attachment for all day wear. Easy to wear, just take a few seconds. Suitable for women with thinning hair or silver hair on top of head
  • Exquisite hand-made silk base. Base size: 16*15cm/6.3″*5.9″
  • Applies for Moderate to Large Hair Loss at the Part or Crown. (The hair colour could be customized).

All of the above can be found on Amazon where you will be able to find many other affordable and beautiful toppers. Thinning hair, hair loss and illness is not the end. Toppers are a way of making sure you are always putting your best you forward. Have a great day wearing your topper!

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  1. I was unaware that these things even existed until I (quite by accident) spied one at a friends house. I had noticed her thinning hair previously but we had not ever discussed it. I will say that it is impossible to tell that she’s wearing the hair crown topper, even though I know she is. It blends perfectly with her hair and looks absolutely natural.

    • Hey there Cynthia! Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog! I was quite unaware of them myself until recently. Then I realized that persons I knew were wearing them. It is such a logical, simple and easy to use solution that I honestly feel confident that they will be my “go to” in the near future!

      Take care,


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