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This page is dedicated to weight loss, something that most persons have had to deal with at one time in their life or another! Weight loss has always been a problem to so many. On occasions we have had to lose weight for reasons which might include, medical, physical or just to feel good about ourselves. Some persons might just have to lose a few pounds to get to their ideal weight but there are those of us who struggle with over weight and have literally given up. Moms try to lose weight after a pregnancy…..some never do!

What is Overweight?


Overweight” is best described as the state between your normal weight and obesity. Overweight is now being defined  in terms of the BMI (the body mass index) which is a person’s weight in kilograms (kg) divided by their height in meters (m)squared. According to a new study, people who are even a little overweight face increased risk for many serious diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and gallstones. “It’s very important that you take overweight seriously and intervene before you become obese.

Obesity is usually caused by eating too much and doing too little movement. If you consume high amounts of energy giving foods, particularly fat and sugars, but do not burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, much of the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat.

The BMI estimates your level of body fat based on your height and weight. A BMI from 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal. Adults with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight. … Anyone more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) overweight is considered morbidly obese. Eat Plenty of Soluble Fiber. …see a sample of a BMI chart below.

What’s up with Belly Fat?

Losing Belly fat can be a challenge. These fat is usually denser than at other parts of your body and so does not respond easily to fat breakdown. People often feel very self-conscious about tugging around this very visible layer of fat on their tummy and so we will now look at a few ways by which we can tackle losing fat from the belly.

Ways to lose Belly Fat

  1. Avoid Foods That Contain Trans Fats. …
  2. Lessen your alcohol intake
  3. Eat a diet which is high in protein
  4. If you cannot help it, don’t stress it! Lessen Stress
  5. Lessen your sugary food intake
  6. Eat less carbohydrates and get rid of refined carbs!
  7. Use coconut oil in your cooking
  8. Perform resistance training (weight lifting)
  9. Avoid sugar sweetened beverages – these sugars are taken into your body immediately!
  10. Get enough sleep
  11. Get 2-3 servings of fatty fish every week – Omega-3 actually reduces fat in the body
  12. Stop drinking fruit juice it contains as much sugars as sodas and other sweetened beverages
  13. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet. It lowers blood sugars and reduces belly fat
  14. Drink white tea – it contains significantly more antioxidants than green tea!
  15. Exercise, exercise, exercise – at least 300 minutes each week

Some persons team exercise with weight loss supplements and achieve very good results. The links on the page will take you to weight loss supplements and guides from my affiliates.


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