#1 Perfect Extension Styling Caddy

 #1 Extension Style Caddy

Now, let’s talk! The big topic today is using an extension styling caddy to style your hair extensions. I want to confess that I experience great difficulties in styling my hair extensions. When I watch YouTube videos, those girls and guys make it looks super easy but that is one talent I do not have and a skill that it seems refuses from being developed!

It does not matter if I am using a curling iron or wand or a straightener. I just do not do a good job and I know this is true because my extensions never have those bouncy curls that I seen in the videos…….and believe me I really try!   I think the secret lies in the way you turn the tool to curl the hair. It seems it will never work for me so I went looking for a tool to make life a bit easier and found the extension styling caddy. It certainly allowed me to curl my hair much easier!

I found this extension styling caddy on Amazon and realized instantly that it was a rather important tool to have when styling my extensions.  Let me tell you about the  Extension Styling Caddy.  First and foremost  this is an Amazon Choice tool!This means that this product has a low return rate and usually high ratings. They are more popular than other similar items. This tool will work perfectly with a wig storage bag holder case.  So what really is the extension styling caddy? Let us take a look!

Product: Extension Style Caddy 

Website:  Amazon

By: Hair Works

Price: $26.99

Rating:  4.5/5

Extension Styling Caddy
Extension Styling Caddy

Hair Extensions as we know, are  one of the hottest selling products in today’s beauty industry! Annual sales  are now estimated at  billions of dollars. Hair extensions have become one of those beauty products used by millions of persons around the world in some form or another. They can be costly and so a purchase of hair extensions is really an investment. 

This costly investment to our beauty regime now leads us into other areas such as caring for our hair extensions. You can read our article on how to care for your hair extensions and wigs here. We was, dry and style our extensions regularly. But how do you keep them in place while you are treating with them?

In times gone by, when I am dealing with them while they are dry, I would spread them out flat on a towel while I untangle and comb them. If they are wet I would basically do the same just adding extra layers of towels since this was done on my bed! After a while I discovered that I could use hangers with pins to hold them.

There are some problems that we need to solve with our hair extensions. These include, washing them in a convenient and easy fashion. Holding them while we dry or style them and storing them when we are not using them. You can read about the Resq wig storage bag here.

The extension styling caddy not only secures your hair during the styling process but it secures them while you wash, pack or store them. As we said before it works perfectly with a wig storage bag. You are able to attach your extensions to the caddy, place the caddy in the wig storage bag and hang it where ever you want. 

The hair works 4-in-1 hair extension style caddy  is basically the original hair extension holder. It is designed to securely hold your extensions while you wash, style, pack and store them. The quality construction secures your hair extensions while you wash, style, pack and store them. It has been rated the number one hair extension holder for styling extensions.

Features of the Extension Styling Caddy

It is made from ABS plastic. This makes it lightweight and durable and also waterproof. The handle is made from stainless steel.  The suction cups that are attached to the back ensures that it can be fixed to any smooth surface. You are now able to secure the extensions inside while you manipulate them with both hands.

Due to its design you can take it into the shower with you to wash you extensions! The features of the Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy  include attachable hooks that fit on any hanger so you can store your extensions in your closet and a velvet travel bag that keeps your extensions neat and organized while traveling. 

Extension Styling Caddy Pros and Cons


  1.  Easy to use
  2. durable
  3. holds most hair types including clip-ins, wefts and tape-ins. (I use it for my u-part wigs too!)
  4. keeps your extensions neat and easily stored
  5. inexpensive!


  1.  will not hold halo extensions

Go right ahead and get your Hair works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy and experience simplicity in handling your hair extensions! 

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Claudia A.

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  1. Hey
    This is all new to / for me.
    Do you offer any kind of intel. outside of this website?
    Perhaps an e-book?
    Maybe send me a free e-book in exchange for my e-mail address?

  2. Hi Claudia, I had never heard of this holder before. I also store my extensions in bags and honestly never thought about a better way to store them. I have a question though. Do I need a holder for every extension set I have? Because I have quite a number of weaves. I will be happy to read your response.

    • Hello Janet! Thanks for the comment. The Hair Works 4 in 1 Extension Style Caddy is used to hold extensions while you wash or style them. I am assuming that it holds one set at a time while you care for them.



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