10 Best lace front wigs under $200

Lace front wigs are a fashion statement! There is no way around it! Lace front wigs are as sort after presently as designer shoes and handbag. A lady’s look is not complete unless she is wearing a human hair lace front wig to complement whatever bomb clothes, shoes and accessories she is wearing. Women spend thousands of dollars on wigs every year. There is no doubt about that since it is a billion dollar business!

The best part about it is that women can change their look or add to their look based on their wig. Wigs presently push the boundaries on colour and style. No longer are women satisfied with the colours that are considered to be normal…..blacks, blonds, reds are now just too regular. Wigs are now blues, greens, orange, pink or multi-coloured. It is safe to say that wigs are now matching the characteristics of their wearers.

Our grand, great and great, great grandmothers used to wear wigs. Some of them would be ridiculed, not anymore! Young women are now wearing grayed hair wigs….with class!

The most innovative designs in wigs at present are the lace wigs. These wigs usually fall into three categories

  1. Lace front wigs
  2. 360 lace wigs and,
  3. Full lace wigs.

These wigs are so designed with lace at the front from ear to ear; all around the perimeter as in the case of the 360 wigs or the entire wig is made of lace like the full lace wig. They give the impression of scalp where the lace is and so can be parted as you would your real hair. They can be glue-less which means they can be worn without gluing them to your hairline or you could choose to get the variety they you would attach using various wig glue presently on the market.

Human hair lace front wigs can be costly, running into the hundreds even thousands of dollars! We all want to look our best and keep up with the Jones’ but as you know not many of us can afford wigs that are so costly. We can get cheap human hair lace wigs to buy.

Today we will bring to you the top 10 lace wigs for under $200 US, which with care can last you just as long as the more expensive brands. The wigs we have chosen have their longest lengths under $200. This means that if you are like me and go for shorter lengths, you will definitely pay under $100 for lengths up to 16 inches! As a personal preference, I never wear a wig or any hair extensions more than 14” long.

Let’s go!

Hermosa 9A Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

Lengths:  10” to 24”

Price:  $79.00 – $173.99

Pattern:  Straight

This straight lace front Human Hair wig from Hermosa is made with 100% Brazilian human hair. They stand by their hair and so has confirmed it free from any blends and it has no any synthetic hair. I have in the past be scammed with human mixed hair being passed off as virgin hair and has basically lost my money so this surety from Hermosa is excellent

The lace size of the frontal is 13x4inch on the top. This means that you can part it at the sides and top 4 inches inward, guaranteeing a nice part. The Hermosa lace wig has a 150% density . It is not overly full but it has a natural look. It will undoubtedly look more like your own naturally growing hair.

The wig is mad using the hand tied method for the lace frontal and the rest sewn on a machine. The lace frontal is pre-plucked and has baby hairs already. Of course you will want to customise the wig but a lot of your work has already been done for you!

The wig is being advertised as shedding and tangle free. I admit this might be a stretch since all hair sheds and tangles even your own. Being a human hair lace front wig give it the ability to be restyled, dyed, permed (Why would you want to perm your remy or virgin hair?)

The wig has a cap size of 22.5″ circumference and it has adjustable straps that you can use help secure it to your head. The lace is medium brown which you can tint or use your makeup to bring it to your skin colour.


  1. This wig has a 76% five star rating
  2. It has been rated by over 1400 buyers
  3. All human hair
  4. Will last over 1 year with proper care
  5. Excellent customer service


  1. Hermosa is a Chinese company (some persons might have a problem with that)
  2. Some persons prefer a 13×6 frontal on their wigs

RECOOL 10A Lace Front Wigs

Lengths:  10” to 24”

Price:  $47.35 – $149.14

Pattern:  Straight

Let us now look at the RECOOL brand. Recool has been making a name for themselves and is quite famous. The company was started in 1998 so they have quite a lot of experience and has been building their reputation. This is another straight hair that is way below $200 for the longest length of 24 inches.

When you purchase RECOOL Straight Hair Lace Front Wigs, you will have the following advantage. Recool lacefront  wigs is made from 9A grade hair. That is 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair. The hair was collected from one donor which guarantee that all the cuticles are aligned. This simply means that all the hairs run in the same direction from roots to ends.

The frontal on this wig is also a 13×4 and the knots on the frontal are bleached, the hairline is pre-plucked and there is already baby hairs. The lace itself is made from high quality Swiss lace. It is medium brown in colour, strong and soft, clean and healthy. The RECOOL lace frontal wig has a 180% density making it fuller but it still has a natural look.


  1. RECOOL has 22 years of experience
  2. 100% virgin human hair
  3. Can be dyed, beached, coloured and permed
  4. 74% of persons rate 5 stars
  5. 180% density


  1. Some persons will prefer a 13×4 frontal

ISEE Hair Deep Water Wave Lace Front Wigs

Lengths:  10” to 22”

Price:  $65.00 – $158.99

Pattern:  Water wave

For those who like curls, let me introduce you to this beautiful water wave lace front wig from ISEE hair company. Most persons will find it to be affordable with the longest length of 22 inches being sold for $158.99US

ISEE sells 100% virgin human hair wigs. This particular wig is a  glueless one. This means that you will not have to glue it to your hairline as if fits snugly enough to be customised and worn. Some of these gluless wigs have an elastic band attached inside in addition to the adjustable straps. The ISEE wig has a 150% density comes in a natural black colour with a preplucked hairline.

The lace frontal is 13×4” and made of light brown Swiss lace. The wig fits a 22” to 22.5” head however the adjustable straps and combs ensures that you get a snug fit.


  1. Single drawn hair
  2. Glueless
  3. Very affordable
  4. Can be worn curly or straight


  1. Hardly any
  2. Some wearers will prefer a 13×6 frontal on the wig

Alipearl Hair Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Lengths:  12” to 22”

Price:  $99.99 – $199.99

Pattern:  Body wave

Body wave is a very popular curl pattern. Maybe it is because it is versatile….basically it can be quickly restyled into other patterns. Regardless of the reason or reasons I want to now introduce you to the Alipearl body wave lace front human hair wig. Alipearl is a hair company which was established in 2000 so it has many years of experience.

The wig in question is made from 100% unprocessed, high quality human hair. It has not gone through any chemical process so it is in its natural state. It is healthy, soft and free from tangles with little to no shedding.

This human Hair Wig is full and thick with a density of 180%. It is natural black in colour and can be dyed, bleached, or straightened.

The cap is of medium sized (22.5”). It has adjustable straps and combs to help secure it snugly to your head. The Ali Pearl Company will customize your unit to a small or large….all you have to do is make your needs known before the unit is shipped.


  1. A well-made unit
  2. 180% density makes it thick and full


  1. This barely made our list as it is a bit pricy (24” would run well over $200)

ALI GRACE Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Lengths:  10” to 24”

Price:  $43.75 – $148.78

Pattern:  Body wave

Aligrace is a new upcoming company that is making a name for themself. They offer very high quality products.

This lace front wig is constructed from 100% Brazilian human hair in a body wave curl. It is beautiful full and thick with a density of 150%. The lace frontal is made from Swiss lace….medium brown in colour, delicate but strong and is 13×4”.

Because it is human hair it can be restyled. This means you can successfully change its colour, texture and curl pattern by bleaching, straightening or curling. The hair is soft and silky and tangles and shedding are kept at a minimal. It is a natural black colour.

The frontal as you would imagine was constructed using the hand tied method. It comes pre-plucked with combs and adjustable straps for a more snug fit. The rest of the cap is machine made and is very neat.


  1. Very economical!
  2. Reliable seller
  3. 100% unprocessed human hair
  4. No dry split ends


  1. The company has not been around as long as some of the others

Nadula Curly Lace Front Bob Wig

Lengths:  8” to 14”

Price:  $66.08 – $96.67

Pattern:  Curly

Nadula has it all! The entire package! The company is a 100% Remy hair supplier and their wigs and extensions are top quality. We want to show you this charming short curly Bob from Nadula.  Of course it is made from 100% virgin human hair.  It is silky, soft and smooth and shows minimal shedding and tangles.

This particular wig is a natural black in colour and because it is Remy hair, it can be bleached and dyed. They come in density of 130% and 150% so you must correspond with the seller to get exactly what you need. Remember that the higher the density the fuller the wig.

The cap is average sized making it about a 22” to a 22.5”. It has combs and adjustable straps and so it is easily fixed to fit you snugly and comfortably.


  1. 100% of top quality Remy hair
  2. Very good reviews
  3. Well constructed wigs


  1. There really is none!

Beauty Forever Lace Front Bob Wig

Lengths:  8” to 14”

Price:  $65.66 – $100.45

Pattern:  Straight

Beauty Forever hair is 100% virgin human hair of the finest quality. Their hair is single drawn which means that it is cut from one donor. The cuticles are intact and they run in one direction from roots to ends. This will ensure that the hair will tangle a whole lot less. Beauty Forever hair always have healthy ends.

This particular lace front wig has a density of 150%. The cap has a circumference of 22”-22.5” with adjustable straps and combs to give a more secure fit. The frontal is 13×4 Natural Hairline. The knots have already been bleached, the hairline is natural with baby hairs. Most of your work has already been done for you! 

The wig can be restyled…..it can be dyed, permed or coloured, It can be bleached but would be better for you to contact a professional in this regard.


  1. Single drawn hair….cuticles are intact
  2. Will last for over 1 year with proper care
  3. Healthy ends no split ends


  1. The hair quality is undeniable but the photograph is a bit misleading

Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Lengths:  12” to 24”

Price:  $49.85 – $139.83

Pattern:  Body wave

I really had to put this one in there and I am quite partial to it because I purchased it recently. I made the purchase specifically due to the fact that it is a cheap human hair lace front wig. I mean, where can you really get a 14” lace front wig for under $60?

To be honest I had my doubts as to the quality versus the price but I must say I was duly taken aback by the quality! The wig doesn’t tangle and there has been absolutely no shedding so far. It is soft and shiny so I hardly have to put products in it. My only concern is that since I like full hair, it should have been a 180% density. This would have made it completely perfect! Now let us get into the specifications of this wig.

The wig is by An Yaogang, and by all indications the company is new. Presently they have special offers and product promotions going on with their 14” wigs.

It is a body wave human hair wigs for women pre plucked with baby hair. As stated before it has a 150% density. The lace frontal is 13×4. The cap is medium sized 21.5” – 23.5”. It has 4 combs and adjustable straps to make for a more snug fit

I speak from experience to say it is soft, silky, tangle free and shedding free. Restyling is not a problem and it can be dyed, permed and bleached.


  1. It is exactly as described
  2. Excellent customer service


  1. It could be a bit fuller….180% density would be ideal.

Brazilian Straight Lace Front Bob Wig

Lengths:  8” to 14”

Price:  $58.59 – $110.99

Pattern:  Straight Bob

I just had to get a blond wig in the mix! If you want colour…..DACHIC hair company will deliver! Remember I told you that ladies are leaning towards more colourful wigs? Well this hair company will provide the colour variety you need.

This short blond lace front wig by DACHIC is made from 100% Brazilian virgin human hair. It is thick full, soft and tangle free. The wig has a density if 130% but being a Bob it is still full. The cap itself is medium with combs and adjustable straps for a more secure fit.

The lace frontal is 13×4 inch with a natural pre-plucked hairline and baby hairs. The lace is transparent which makes it even easier to match it to your complexion.

This DACHIC 613 Blonde lace wig can be dyed, straightened, bleached, curled, and restyled as your own hair. You will not be disappointed in this spunky little number!


  1. Very affordable
  2. Colourful array of wigs available
  3. Transparent lace


  1. 130% density might not be full enough for some wearers

MSGEM Kinky Straight lace front Wig

Lengths:  8” to 14”

Price:  $64.99- $184.99

Pattern:  Kinky straight

I really like kinky straight hair. It perfectly patterns my own hair to the point where people often ask if it is my own hair. MSGEM is another reliable brand and this Mongolian kinky straight is from them. The wig is made from 100% virgin human hair. It is a Yaki straight lace front wig of 150% density. The hair is tangle free with minimum shedding. It can be restyled….straightened or curled.

The lace frontal is 13X4” with invisible lace making it a perfect match for your complexion.

We hope we have met your expectations in this post and you will be able to find your next lace front wig from this article. If not you will at least be more informed in your search for the best lace front wig. As usual we appreciate your comments on the article and how we can improve. Until next time….have a great time wigging it!

Claudia A.

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